Mission Dates for 2018: July 12- July 18

Each year, we visit our sister synod, Iglesia Luterana Agustina de Guatemala (or ILAG), to learn more about our brothers and sisters in Christ, our church, and ourselves. Each year is a little different, and participants experience different aspects of mission service. El Tuerto

The focus on 2018’s trip will be to strengthen the relationship with our partner congregation, La Resurrección, located in El Tuerto, a sector of Zone 1. El Tuerto was heavily populated during the Civil War years and has remained home to many who fled to Guatemala City during the war.

Led by Pastora Marcelina, La Resurrección’s congregation includes 27 families. A mission was formed in El Tuerto in 1994 by ILAG, and church construction began in 2006. Pastora Marcelina was ordained in 2009, and completion of the church building was 2012.
The congregation of La Resurrección have a unique situation– they have lived in El Tuerto for more than 30 years, and still they have no legal documents of their land, due to it being settled during the war.

During our 2018 visit, we will be presenting the church with items needed, joining them for worship service, and actively participating in the life of their church. We will also be hosting a meal for the families to attend at the Lutheran Center.

Specific needs and requests for items for donation will be given at a later date, but it has been our tradition to purchase school supplies for the Lutheran School that is located in nearby Boca del Monte.

Donations are accepted year-round and are fully tax-deductible.