Days for Girls Georgia

DfG_V_IntlDays for Girls Georgia meets monthly at Lutheran Church of the Messiah. We are a chapter of Days for Girls International.

Days for Girls International is a grassroots 501(c)3 non-profit creating a more dignified, humane and sustainable world for girls through advocacy, reproductive health awareness, education and sustainable feminine hygiene because no girl should go without. Women and girls discover their potential and self-value, are equal participants and agents of social change and are given opportunities to thrive, grow and contribute to their community’s betterment while ensuring quality sustainable feminine hygiene.

Our Vision:Every girl and woman in the world with ready feasible access to quality sustainable hygiene & health education by 2022.​

Our Plan:  Speak up.  Every girl in the world   deserves education, safety, and dignity. We further this goal by helping girls who would otherwise go without to have access to quality sustainable feminine hygiene and awareness. We accomplish this through both direct distribution with many nonprofits, by raising awareness, by helping other organizations start their own programs and importantly, by helping impoverished communities start their own programs to supply kits and training. It’s working!

Join us at Messiah the first Saturday of each month at 11am to collect supplies, cut fabric, sew kit components, and organize/assemble kits for girls.

We are always taking donations of:

  • Girls’ size 12/14 or women’s size 5 panties
  • travel/hotel/sample size soap
  • washcloths
  • gallon sized Ziploc or Hefty freezer bags
  • 100% cotton flannel fabric

In addition to the donations above, we are always looking for volunteers to sew for us!


April 2015 DfG Sewing and Assembling kits

April 2015 DfG Sewing and Assembling kits

Messiah’s Mission Team distributes Days for Girls Menstrual Hygiene kits in Maya Itza, Guatemala ~ June 2013