Our Mission as the People of Messiah is to Form Disciples, Share God’s Good News, and Serve Our Neighbors

Our City

We are glad to call Decatur home. Nestled just inside the northeast Atlanta perimeter, we enjoy all the benefits of a large city. However, Decatur has all a character of its own, boasting world-class restaurants and pubs, and a thriving arts scene. It’s a city of historic homes, businesses, schools, and houses of worship.¬†We are a culturally and economically diverse city, and home to Emory University, Agnes Scott College, and Columbia Theological Seminary.

This is an exciting place to be the church– among a thriving, striving, spiritually hungry people. We are glad to call Decatur home.

How We Serve Our City

Despite the relative affluence of our community, many of our neighbors face huge obstacles– homelessness, hunger, exploitation of many kinds. We believe that at least part of our church’s reason for existence is to demonstrate Christ’s compassion. Part of our mission statement is “to serve our neighbors.”


Hunger Walk