Faith Formation for All Ages

One of our main pushes in 2016-2017 is to build up Faith Formation for ALL Ages.Most of us are segregated by age for most of the week. Church is one of the last places in which babies, young adults, ‘empty-nesters’ and the elderly have the opportunity to be together. We recognize the gifts and needs of all ages, and think that together, we can grow more fully than we can apart.Jesus told the disciples “Welcome the children, and do not keep them away from me.” The Christian calling in every stage of life is to nurture the young, share our faith with them, and affirm their spiritual gifts. Kids begin and end worship with the adults in the sanctuary. Currently, our Sunday School meets during the pastor’s sermon time on Sunday, leaving the sanctuary with our adult leaders just after the children’s sermon.

We welcome your children to join us!
As we look ahead, we intend our Forming Faith for ALL Ages to be something like Vacation Bible School for all ages, each week. We’ll be sharing more about our growth soon. In the meantime, come and grow with us!